Our Services

BMP Haulage specialises in providing over size and heavy haulage services throughout Australia. Including over dimensional loads, over mass loads and more

Our Fleet

With our extensive and reliable fleet we can accommodate all your heavy haulage needs and requirements. We have block trucks and all heavy rated Prime Movers (rated from 130 tonne to 240 tonne). We also run floats ranging from 50 tonne up to 250 tonne. 

Pilot Vehicle Services

At BMP Haulage we have our own Pilot Vehicles on hand with all operators skilled and qualified to handle all over size and over mass loads, breakdowns, emergencies, traffic control and more
Block Trucks
Heavy Rated Prime Movers
From 130 tonne to 240 tonne rated
From 50 tonne to 250 tonne rated
Pilot/Escort Communication Services

Lay Down Yard located at Lot 1937 Pyramid Rd, Karratha LIA